“What’s wrong with your signal?”  That’s a question we’ve had to answer multiple times over the past few weeks, unfortunately.  So I thought I’d send you a quick note to let you know what’s going on.

Our primary antenna is just south of Independence, on a tower owned by KWWL-TV.  We also have a backup antenna, and it’s on a tower that we own, just south of Jesup.  We have antennas on two different towers so that if something goes wrong on one, the other can keep us on the air.  And it’s worked great for over 10 years now.

However, in late March, the improbable happened…BOTH antennas had problems at the same time!  We lost Independence first, and then when we went to our backup tower near Jesup, it failed too!  As a result, we’ve been on low power for a couple of weeks.  It doesn’t affect those relatively close to the towers, but the farther away you get, the more noticeable the weak signal is.

Needless to say, we’ve been working on fixing it, when the weather cooperates.  We can’t send a tower crew up a tower when it’s raining or excessively windy, which has been the case for several days over the past few weeks.  When we have an opening with good weather, we have the repair parts ready to go.  We’re hoping to be back at full power from our primary antenna this week sometime.

As thankful as we are that we have multiple redundancies around here (like 2 antennas, backup generators, etc.), sometimes our best plans still go haywire.  That’s why we need for you to keep praying for us.  Your prayers, not only for the staff and our ministry impact but also for our equipment, are absolutely necessary.

If you are currently unable to hear us well over the air, try listening online!  Just click the play button at the top of the site or you can also listen on your smartphone through the new Life 101.9 app.  You’ll hear us crystal clear online, no matter what!

Thanks for listening to Life 101.9!

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