Here’s the answer Jessica gave:

When I listen to Life 101.9, I can feel my whole demeanor change. In my short drive home from work, I feel reminded of God’s love and support for me. Additionally, we listen to it in the morning when dropping the kids off at their bus stops and I love when my kids ask me questions about the songs or what a certain word, such as grace, means. What a great start to the day!

Maybe you would echo Jessica’s answer…you love the music, and your family benefits from it as well.  We often hear from listening friends who mention that they heard a particular song at just the right time, and it was as if God was speaking right to them in that moment.

These are the kind of comments that keep us motivated!  For those of us who work at the station, this is more than just a job, it’s a calling.  And knowing that this is more than just entertainment to you makes it all worthwhile.  Especially when you tell us how your kids are being impacted by the station, because the music they listen to at these young, impressionable ages will stick with them all their lives.

We cannot do this alone.  We depend on God to provide for our financial needs through our listening friends…like you.  Thousands of caring friends have given towards our annual need during this financial year, and less than $100,000 remains to fully meet our obligations.  June 30th is the end of our financial year, and I am praying that this amount will come in.

If you agree with Jessica that Life 101.9 is benefiting both you and your family, would you be willing to help meet that remaining need?  Especially if you’ve never given before, please consider joining the support team that keeps this ministry on the air.  You can give right now by clicking this link:

Thank you, and thanks for listening to Life 101.9!

Yours in Christ,
Doug Smith
Station Manager

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  • Katie Duran says:

    No matter if we are in the car or our kitchen, my 3 year old and I can have dance parties and sing along at the top of our lungs to songs that are refreshing and uplifting!

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