We saw it in the Olympics just a few weeks ago. Runners and swimmers respond alike by getting into their starting position when the command is given…

“Take your mark!”

That’s kind of how we feel here at the radio station when September rolls around. We will spend the better part of this month “taking our marks” so to speak, in preparation for the start of the race – Fall Share 2016.

Our “race” begins Sep 27th (the first day of Fall Share) and doesn’t really end until June 30, 2017 when our fiscal year comes to a close. No matter what, we’ll trust the Lord to provide for this radio ministry because he has always shown himself to be faithful to meet our every need.

We’re grateful to have you in the race with us. And as givers, you and I have work to do as we prepare to participate.

For one thing, we must ask the Lord to confirm an amount that he wants us to give.  Once we have settled on an amount, we may wish to pledge our support before share begins. Finally, we can increase the impact of our gift by letting our “on air team” use it in the challenge fund to encourage new listeners to become first time givers.

Everyone has a part to play. We keep our focus on the path ahead by remembering that everyone wins when hope comes to a hungry soul through the music of Life 101.9.

The race is about to begin. We appreciate the part you play as we “take our mark” together.

Yours for changed lives!



PS: If you’re ready to make your pre-share commitment now, would you confirm your pledge and let us use your gift in the Challenge Fund? You can reach me on my mobile at 319 213 7275, or simply hit “reply” to this email. I’ll handle the details from there. If you’ve already contacted me to confirm your decision, you don’t need to respond to this message. Thanks so much!!!

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