I love hearing from our listeners. Here’s a few of the latest. Enjoy.

I just wanted to say GREAT job hiring Adam to the morning show. He is a breath of fresh air and a great addition to the morning!!  Love his faith-filled and inspirational comments. Keep up the amazing work Adam and WELCOME!

Janet:  Caring and sharing go hand in hand. I believe that the personal testimonies (during fundraisers) bear witness to the wonderful benefits of Life 101.9 thru changed lives. Life 101.9 has been a lifeline to me in troubled times. I want to partner in providing a lifeline to others. I may not be able to give as much as I would like to, but when we all care and share together little will be much when God is in it!

Scott:  I don’t know what motivates everyone to give, but I will share what has motivated me to give. Hearing real stories from real people right here in eastern Iowa about what God is doing in their life, sometimes in part due to something as simple as a song on a radio station. It’s exactly the thing that started me down the path of following Christ. I’m so thankful for stations like Life 101.9 that play uplifting music and lift up God in praise and worship each and every day.

Janelle:  I had always wanted to give to Life 101.9 during fundraisers, but financially felt I wasn’t able. Then I heard about Team 360 and knew that was something I could do. I think you do a marvelous job of making giving non-threatening and safe!

Sally (phone center volunteer):  I remember a particular call I took during Fall Share this year. A woman had been listening for 45 years and had never given to support the ministry. As the announcers talked about that type of listener, this woman was convicted that NOW was the time. As she was giving me her credit card information she got emotional and when I asked her if she was OK (thinking maybe something dire had occurred that she hadn’t mentioned), she answered. “I’m just so glad I’m finally doing this.” I about melted. So keep sharing people’s stories. I believe they really do speak to other listeners.

Becky:  A few years ago, my mom contracted Lewy Body dementia. Due to the progressive disease process, I eventually had to put my sweet mom in a nursing home. This broke my heart but I found some peace and comfort in making sure that every night, before I left her room, I turned her radio on to Life 101.9 and it played all night long so my mom would hear about God and know He was always with her even though I wasn’t able to be.  My mom passed away in September of 2013 and that particular time of year triggers my heart to give to Life 101.9 in memory of my mom.

Torrie:  What motivated me to give in Fall Share was the fact that I listen daily and couldn’t imagine not having Life 101.9 to listen to. The music brings peace and joy and hope and we need more of that in our daily lives.

Barb:  What motivates me to give is the fact I can help someone going through their own personal hell get through it, even come out stronger and better. And all I did was give to Life 101.9 and the music makes the difference.

Julie:  My favorite song right now is “Battles” …because I’m going through hardships and need to be reminded that God is in control and that he is fighting my battles for me.   I just need to let go and let God do the fighting for me.

Shawnee:  My favorite songs are “Eye of the Storm” and “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again.” I lost a child to cancer two years ago and still struggle, but these songs speak loudly to me!

Tim: “Eye of the Storm” is my favorite song. My wife’s parents were in a terrible auto accident two weeks ago, and my father’s Alzheimer’s disease is beginning to progress more rapidly. My family is weathering another storm. We lean on God, each other, and our faith-filled friends to move along each day.

Rachel:  The first time I heard “Live Like You’re Loved” by Hawk Nelson, God changed me. Bam! I heard the words “It’s okay to act like you’ve been set free” and God touched me. There’s this part of my testimony and life that I keep hidden. It is something that God has healed within me but I still acted like I was in chains and shamed. I heard those lyrics and knew it was time to act like I was free because in Christ I AM free. I am blameless, holy, worthy and free in God’s eye because of Jesus. In a few months I am scheduled to give my full and complete testimony in front of a small group of wonderful women. I pray that is only the beginning because God has done a great work in me and others need to know and hear just how good our God is.

Jessica:  Loving the song “Priceless”!  Heard For King and Country perform it live at the Jones County Fair this summer. They explained the meaning of the song and the purpose of it. Now I hear it in a whole other way as I think of my young daughter growing up and how I want her to value herself.

Valorie:  “Trust in You” by Lauren Daigle means a lot to me. I have 3 children with special needs. Every day is a new challenge with them. I have been learning that I need to let go of my expectations and trust that God is in control. I can’t do this mom thing without Him!

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