Our Fall Share last month was very exciting, and we always enjoy the opportunity to interact with our listening friends as they call in to donate.  It seems like everyone has a story as to why they decided to support Life 101.9.  We also receive notes with checks that are mailed in, like this one from an anonymous listener:

“Here is my donation for Team 360.  I listen exclusively to Life 101.9 every day.  The music you play helps get me through days when my bipolar disorder is at its worst.  Only another person who is bipolar can truly understand how debilitating this is.  The best way to describe how bipolar affects me is this…do you remember a day that you were angry and upset, beaten down by circumstances?  Imagine feeling that way every day.  Life 101.9 is the voice of hope and encouragement I need to keep me going.  God bless your station.”

We never take for granted the ways God uses Life 101.9 in the lives of listeners.  We feel privileged to be a tool in God’s hands to bring hope and healing to so many lives.  And we don’t do this alone…every person who prays for our ministry and donates to keep us on the air is a part of the team.

So far in this financial year (since July 1st), over 2,060 listeners have invested financially in the support of Life 101.9.  If you are one of those, thank you!  We know based on recent ratings information (Nielsen, Spring 2016) that we have approximately 80,000 listeners throughout eastern Iowa, which makes us one of the top 5 stations in the market.  So, if we subtract the 2,060 who have already given, that means there are still 77,940 listeners that we haven’t heard from yet.

Of course, we know that not everyone is able to give.  But if you listen regularly and you ARE able to give, would you consider sending a gift, or setting up an ongoing monthly giving plan?  You can mail a check to the address below.  Or you can call 866-515-1019, or you can give or pledge online at www.life1019.com.  YOU are the key to keeping Life 101.9 on the air for the benefit of the next hurting soul looking for hope.

Gifts of EVERY size are needed and appreciated!  All this month, we’re continuing to send our new “Share the Life” CD as our Thank You for every gift and pledge of $360 or more.  Thanks for catching the vision for changing lives here in eastern Iowa.

Yours in Christ,
Doug Smith – Station Manager
Life 101.9
4880 Texas St
Waterloo, IA  50702

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