• baking supplies for a few dozen cookies
  • time to mix and bake
  • paper plates to hold five or six cookies
  • a circle of 10 friends who you want to give cookies to and partner with to bless someone else
  • inexpensive but thoughtful gifts to bless an unsuspecting soul (Money spent is not important. Be creative.)
  • a total budget of no more than $100

Instructions: Mix well until joy starts oozing from the anticipation. More specifically, deliver cookies to friends, then after collaboration with each one, you and your friend should mail or deliver gifts to targeted hungry souls in need of a lift with an anonymous love note from “Secret Santa” . Watch the joy of Christmas grow!

Serves 21 (or more!)


Here’s a sure fire way to bring joy to you and a handful of your friends. It’s basically a way to play Secret Santa to bless the most amount of people. Make up several batches of your favorite Christmas cookie recipe. Put 1/2 dozen or so cookies on a holiday decorated plate and drive to several of your friends homes’ on a Saturday afternoon. Share with them that you want to thank them for being such a good friend and ask if they can think of of someone they know who needs encouragement at this time in their life. (Everyone knows one or two people who could use a lift. I’ll bet you can think of someone right now.) Tell your friend that you would like to send a simple gift to the person that they know with a note to encourage them.

By the way, I “capped the budget” at $100 to remind us all that a decorated jar filled with jelly beans and a love note attached from “Secret Santa” can brighten someone’s day. You don’t need to buy expensive gifts to make a difference.

Here’s what I predict will happen. If you do this with just 10 friends, no less than 21 people will feel the joy of Christmas for just a little effort on your part. Make this a family project. What a way to teach your kids how fun it is to give.

Spread some love this Christmas. It’s time to proclaim!

Something to think about.


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