Annie’s song reminds me of an oft quoted verse from Psalm 30.

Psalm 30:5b says this. “Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes with the morning.”

More than a few times in the night I have been kept awake by irrational, fearful thoughts that seemed to paralyze me. The darkness loomed large both literally and emotionally as I lay wide awake in my bed. I felt hopeless to find answers in that nocturnal moment of doubt.

More than once, I felt like I wanted to cry. I actually did on occasion.

Then the sun came out the next day and my irrational thinking vanished as light vanquishes darkness.

Through the years, the promise in Psalm 30 has been a great comfort to me. Thankfully, as I have learned to trust in him, irrational fears rarely find a place in my mind but when they do, I have his word to lean on.

“Thank you God for your promises that though there will be times of weeping, they will be followed by rejoicing. In the end, you will always reign victorious over fear and doubt.”

Something to think about.

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