Technology is an amazing thing, and helpful in a lot of ways.  Connecting with old friends, directions at your finger tips…all good things, right?!?

Our kids are growing up in an age where they will never not know having the internet and social media ready at the touch of a button.  Helping your kids navigate technology safely can be a big challenge.  I’m ready for some help, how about you?

I came across a social media contract for kids that I think might be really helpful.  As your kids get more involved in online activities, the contract spells out some very clear expectations for their behavior, like:

– I will ask my parents’ permission before joining any social media site.

– I will not give my passwords to anyone other than my parents.

– I will follow my parents’ rules regarding time limits for online use.

It also gives you some space to include the consequences if the rules are broken.

Want to check it out?  You can download it for free here.

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