I’d like to invite you to discover the joy of investing in something with eternal consequences. Sounds serious doesn’t it? When you invest in lives for eternity, it is serious. But it’s also easier than you think.

But how, you ask? How can just one person make that kind of impact? You can do it by investing in changed lives through a financial partnership with Life 101.9.

I know, most of you reading this have been partners for a long time and we thank God for your continued faithfulness. You already know about the changed lives that Life 101.9 has the privilege of nurturing through life changing music that brings hope. You also know that we can’t do this without your continued involvement. So many of you have told me that you continue to make that monthly sacrifice because you know first hand what an impact this music makes! You have heard some of the stories from new listeners who are discovering Life 101.9 for the first time and you are sold on how the Lord uses this ministry day in and day out.

It could be that some of you however, have never considered how your gift, large or small could make a difference. Can I challenge you with this thought? If you have been impacted by the power of music that brings hope on Life 101.9, we need you to get involved financially.

Now would be a good time. Spring share begins March 28th and runs through the 31st and we’d love to hear from you but you don’t need to wait until then. If you’d like to renew a pledge or make a first time gift, you can call right now at 866 515 1019.

When you spring into the new beginnings that mark lives that are changed forever by the grace of the Lord Jesus, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are making such a difference in Eastern Iowa and around the world.

Our marching orders for March are right in front of us. Let’s “git ‘er done!” Together we can experience the joy of changing lives, one at a time.

And before I sign off this month, make sure you take the virtual tour of our radio station this month. Enjoy!

Be blessed…God loves you!


Staff prayer request for March

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