I got this pair of socks for Christmas that I absolutely love. They have a lifetime guarantee so that I can return them at any time for any reason and they will replace them – no questions asked.

Well, mine started to unravel for some reason so I put them in an envelope to mail them and what happened next made me really think.

I took them by the post office and as I reached for my wallet to pay the postage, I conveniently took the opportunity to rave about the socks to the person who was waiting on me. I shared about how incredibly comfortable they were. I raved about how I never needed to wash them because they’re made with a fabric that doesn’t attract germs so they never stink. I was totally sold on the lifetime guarantee that allowed me to ship my pair back for a new one and I let her know just how sold I was.

I gave this young lady an earful of boundless enthusiasm and praise…and all for a pair of socks.

I really believe that I had convinced her to buy some of these socks because if they could provide me with that kind of customer satisfaction, she simply had to have a pair for herself.

I think I had her convinced.

Then it hit me as I strolled back to my car. When was the last time I had shared a brief testimony with a stranger about Jesus? When was the last time I expressed that much excitement about the grace that is mine in Christ? Truth be told, I don’t know if I ever raved about my Lord like that which begged the question, “Was I still excited about Jesus or had my “first love” zeal become more of an afterthought?

Tough questions but I really think they are fair questions and ones worth asking.

The psalmist gives timely advice about staying excited about the Lord.

“Let all that I am praise the LORD; may I never forget the good things he does for me.” Psalm 103:2

Sounds like this verse is telling us that praising him fully is tied to remembering the benefits of being his child. Makes sense to me!

I’m still excited about my socks. But I am reminded that my relationship with Jesus also has a lifetime guarantee and I really think that the guarantee He offers is worth sharing when I have a chance.

Don’t you agree?

Something to think about.

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