Did you know that the National Invitational Tournament – The NIT – was once bigger than the NCAA tourney? The NIT was originally the tournament that recognized the best team in college basketball each year. It actually started back in 1938. In those days, all the games were held at Madison Square Garden.

But things changed.

The NCAA tourney began a few years later and soon outgrew it’s predecessor. Because of a series of seemingly small decisions made back in the early days, the NCAA tournament exploded in terms of national interest and preference. Today the NCAA Tournament aka: “March Madness” is the prestigious “tourney of choice” while the NIT is mostly a consolation prize for a handful of decent basketball teams that didn’t get invited to “The Dance.”

(Cinderella lives!)

Life is kind of like that. Sometimes, decisions made at small forks in the road at the time have changed the course of history. We’ve seen this at the macro level and certainly at the micro level. I can think of several decisions I made in my life decades ago, though seemingly insignificant at the time, have impacted my life and changed it’s course forever.

I’ll bet you can too.

Did you ever consider what might have happened to the rich young ruler had he made a decision to sell his possessions and follow Jesus? Perhaps his consecrated life would have been a powerful testimony that reached others for Christ and changed the course of history in ways we’ll never know.

I love a little known verse in Zechariah 4 that addresses decisions we make. It says this.”Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin…”

Though this verse speaks of a very specific prophecy and work of God, the principle can still apply to those key decisions that we make trusting God for our future. Sometimes the smallest of right beginnings can make a significant impact for His Kingdom.

The moral of the story? Choose wisely my friend.

Something to think about.



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