Baseball season is a season of streaks. Both winning streaks and losing streaks are common in a season that lasts longer than any other.

As a wise sage once said, “You win some; you lose some.” How true.

One week, your team could be on a roll. Timely hitting, overpowering pitching and stellar fielding is the norm as they perform like a team destined for greatness.  But the next week, could be just the opposite. The best hitters strike out more than they should. Pitchers can’t throw strikes and when they do, the opposition smacks the ball all over the yard. Fielding errors from last year’s “Gold Glovers” confirm that your team is having a bad day…or a bad week.

I must admit that it’s not always easy to be a fan of my team when things are going wrong. But I love it when things are going right. I guess I’m kind of a fair weather fan.

However, I am soooo glad that my heavenly Father isn’t like me. The Bible tells me that his love never quits. He’s pulling for me on good days and bad days. He loves me when I’m on a proverbial winning streak and strangely enough, he loves me just as much when things aren’t going so well.

I cherish the message of Psalm 136. In the second part of each of the 26 verses in this psalm, you will notice a phrase that’s repeated over and over again throughout the psalm.

God’s love never quits!

Read it for yourself. It’s almost as though you can hear angels echoing the truth we most need to hear when we can’t seem to field a challenging situation without fumbling the ball.

“My child. No worries. Your Father has your back because HIS love never quits! Never!”

I hope that no matter whether you’re winning or losing today, that you are comforted by this reminder of his marvelous love for you. Your heavenly Father is in the stands cheering for you, no matter what the score. And that makes the game so worth playing.

May your May be filled with the Love that “never quits.”


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