Here are a few stories from some of our biggest fans to brighten your day. Enjoy.

Jennifer:  I would like to say how much I love the station. You guys make me laugh, you make me cry, The songs gives me peace and comfort when I need it. My day is so much better when I’m able to listen to Life 101.9.  I had a quick story I wanted to share. Yesterday as I was driving home, “Good Good Father” by Chris Tomlin came on. It is one of my favorites and I often sing along to parts of it. And in the back seat, I heard my almost 2½ year old little girl singing, picking up where I had left off. We had never practiced that song, or sang it together before. This made me smile and my heart happy. Thank you for playing songs that I’m OK with my daughter hearing and being such a great station. You are awesome!

Angela:  Last November while I was traveling through Minnesota, a man and his wife told me to listen to a certain radio station for “encouragement,” because I had been crying most of the day. I remembered the dial number so when I got out of the store, and I tuned in. That is when God and Christian music carried me home to Iowa City, and I got home safely by God’s grace about 2am. I don’t know if I changed my station to Life 101.9 in Minnesota or I found it later, I do not remember…but it doesn’t matter.  You see, I was searching and God helped me to find the courage to quit my unhealthy job, be a better mom and wife, and find a job that would be better for all of us. Your radio station helps me keep God as my #1 priority, just the way God wants it, and I’m sharing that with everyone I know. Thank you for helping me get my priorities in life right and playing such encouraging music.

Karlin:  I listen to Life 101.9 because it always brightens my mood, the station is truly uplifting and it just makes me feel better. I find myself always going back to this station because it’s inspiring and helps me keep my life on the right track.

Celane:  Oh my….I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Life 101.9 and ALL the UPLIFTING music played. There has not been a single time that I’ve not been given inspiration to my soul when I’ve listened. I’ve recommended your station to many friends and relatives and am never disappointed in their responses once they listen too!

Linda:  Life 101.9 is the only radio station I listen to! I absolutely love the music and the fact that there are no commercials. It seems like God has the right song come on every time and all the time. The personalities that host the shows are so real, open and honest. The station keeps me centered on the fact that God is running my life. Thank you for being there and helping me hear God’s voice in my life.

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