The Very Next Thing” is the title cut and the name of Casting Crowns latest album. Undoubtedly, songs from the album including this one will be featured at the concert on Friday.

True to form, Casting Crowns’ lyrical relevancy combined with unique musical arrangements built around creative melody lines will leave us amazed, stunned, convicted and blessed like few other bands are able.  That’s why their brand is head and shoulders above their peers.

Few CCM artists bring lyrical content that touches the heart and renews the soul better than Casting Crowns.

Case in point. There is a critical but often missed life lesson in the title of this song. My wife and I talk about it often. Knowing God’s will is not hard to discover (though doing it well may be more of a challenge.) It’s not hard to discover because it’s usually the very next thing and most of the time, it’s easy to spot because it’s right in front of us.

We’ve all asked this question a thousand times, haven’t we? Let’s say it together.

“What is God’s will for my life?”

I tend to gravitate to the grandiose, life-changing, history-altering, vision-confirming, destiny-fulfilling answers to satisfy the proverbial question of questions for those who call themselves Christ followers. But what I’m learning is that God’s will for me is mostly mundane, silent, in the shadows and usually not self-aggrandizing. I’m learning to quit telling others that God told me when responding to what I think is the answer because mostly I’ve learned I’m often totally wrong notwithstanding the fact that saying “God told me” feels like pride to me. It says, “See how spiritual I am. I heard God’s voice. This happens nearly every day, as a matter of fact. You must really think I’m all that…and you’d be right!”

Forgive my digression but the stench of my pride occasionally spins me into sarcastic rants. I’m back now.

Mostly though, I’m learning that God’s will is right in front of me and as the CC song suggests, it’s “the very next thing.”

So what about you? Searching for God’s will for your life? The thing that often alludes us in our seeking is usually found when our gaze settles on that which is right in front of us. And when you respond to that thing that is staring back at you, life transformation promises to take place right at the corner of Obedience Avenue and The Very Next Thing Lane.

I am truly looking forward to hearing Mark Hall and the band sing about “The Very Next Thing” on Friday night. Care to join me?

Something to think about.