Start off your summer with stories of hope.

Frank:  I`m been sober for 4 years and the only one that could me to stop drinking was God.  He`s like a father caring for his son. I really relate to the song “Chain breaker”. It may sound silly but how I found Life 101.9 was a bumper sticker. Life 101.9 is on all my radios and I listen to you on my pc.

Paula:  Every day there seem to be little things that get you down and sometimes they seem huge.  When I listen to Life 101.9 it always seems God plays the right song I need to hear, even if it’s convicting.   I always feel His love and presence in the music… thank you for being a tool for His blessings!

Sandi:  I have many songs that remind me of times I struggled in my life. One in particular would be Plumb’s “Need You Now”.  A few years ago, I was bullied at the office I worked at. I dreaded going to a job I loved. That song was me, crying out to God in the midst of a rough storm.  Awful time in my life but my faith grew thru it.

Scott:  I struggle with forgiveness and I talk to God a lot in my car during my commutes to and from work. It seems like whenever I ask Him for help with forgiving others, a song about God’s forgiveness comes on Life 101.9.

Tami:  Several years ago, I was struggling to find my way back to God. I was sort of floundering in life, at work and at home. I was listening to the radio (a different station) on my way to work and I realized that this was not what I wanted to listen to if I was going to grow in faith. I searched the radio and Life 101.9 came on with a great song…it was the reminder I needed that even when I wasn’t following God the way I should have been. That day I started my way back to God.

Erin:  Almost 3 years ago, I was going through a number of horrible life-changing events. I remember hearing two songs on Life 101.9. “Hope in Front of Me” and “By Your Side”….those songs were my lifeline.  God was talking to me through those songs. Thanks!

Something to think about.

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