My girls and I like to play tennis.  We’re not very good, it’s just something fun to do when the weather cooperates.  I usually play against them one at a time while the other rests up for her next chance to get one past Dad, which is not that hard to do!

The three of us ventured out for our first match of the season on Saturday, but we were met with an interesting obstacle…the nets hadn’t been put up yet!  It was a pretty strange sight.  Seven or eight tennis courts all in a row, but not a net to be seen!  My first thought was to pack it up and head for home.  Hard to play tennis without the net, right?  But why couldn’t we?  We’re not exactly professionals, who cares if the net is missing.  So we ventured out on to the net-less courts and had a fun time hitting the ball around.  It may have actually been more fun than usual, because we weren’t always stopping when someone hit the ball into the net!

Despite your best intentions to have perfect moments with your family, this is real life, and real life is not perfect.  That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the time you have together, even if things don’t go exactly like you had planned.  So get out there and play tennis…with or without the net!

– Matt

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