Summer’s here!  Our family is counting down the days until we hit the road for our vacation, and there’s a good chance you are doing the same.

Our kids have so many more entertainment choices than we did when we were growing up.  Can you imagine being able to watch movies in the car as a kid?!?  All we had to watch was the view outside the window!  Even with all of these options, kids can still get bored on a long car ride.  So, how are you going to keep them occupied?

I read a timely article today that had lots of great ideas.  My favorite?  The license plate game!  See how many states you can see represented by the cars around you on the road.  Can you get all 50?  Our family does this almost every trip.  It’s a fun way to keep everyone occupied as the miles roll by.  A free printable is available for this game too.

Ready for more ideas to make your next family road trip more fun?  Read the full article here.

– Matt

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