It’s a fair question.

Why should I give?

Every so often, I find myself questioning why I give to this ministry. But then, I think about the thousands of changed lives that can only happen when I cheerfully share my resources to support this work. It’s when I feel the joy in their stories, that I am confident that Life 101.9 is worthy of my most generous gift.

Need a good reason to join our team? Take your pick. There are plenty to choose from.

Thank YOU for your cheerful generosity during fall share!

Richard:  Absolutely love Life 101.9! It starts out my day and carries me through. I know that I falter at times, but with God’s amazing love and forgiveness, I can pick myself up and move on! I love that you’re out there and lift so many lives to Christ!!

Barb:  I give to support Life 101.9 because I get something GOOD in my life, AND I get to share that GOOD with people I’ll never meet, and it will help them too!

Nancy:  I support Life 101.9 because it does such wonders for anyone who really listens to it. It can save lives, change lives, and make such a difference. Thank you for this station and everything you do.

Julie:  I support Life 101.9 because it’s gotten me through the worst times of my life…my parents’ divorce, my two miscarriages, and much more.  Songs like “Thy Will” and “In the Eye of the Storm” helped me trust God through my dark times. I never understood why, but learned to trust him.

Janet: I grew up in a dysfunctional family and was bullied. I had very low self-esteem. Until I began listening to Life 101.9 I believed that “I was never good enough” and “would never amount to anything.” The music constantly speaks to me and reminds me that I may be unfinished but I am valuable and loved. I have learned to trust and have gained confidence. Above all, I now have a Hope that no one can take away from me! If my small gift can influence the life of another in a positive way then I can be satisfied that my old life was not lived in vain.

Gerald:  I give in memory of my wife, who said that Life 101.9 had helped her through some tough times.

Scott:  I support Life 101.9 because it gives people in Eastern Iowa a positive alternative in music. It also provides spiritual inspiration to those that may not have a church home or are uncomfortable in a traditional church setting. Keep spreading God’s love through what you do!

Derek:  Life 101.9 is a faith-oriented, family-friendly radio station. The messages we hear are positive, not snide or denigrating. The songs share the message of the gospel in a way that our family enjoys.  That’s why we support your station.

Susan:  It is exciting to know that, thru my giving, I am reaching so many thru Life 101.9!!!

Alexis:  Life 101.9 is so uplifting!  No matter what I am going through, there is always a song to address my mood, concern, stress or happiness. I also love the DJ’s uplifting words and guidance!  Life 101.9 is tremendously amazing!

Meghan:  Life 101.9 is the only station my family listens too. I appreciate having a safe and uplifting station for my kids (and me) to listen to.

Scot:  Life 101.9 is an uplifting way to strengthen my faith every day. I listen to the phone app while I’m at work. Having the ear buds helps block out the chaos and madness of the world around me, and is a good reminder that the struggle of life can be overcome.

Bryan:  Life 101.9’s message is very good and they are one of the few positive things on the radio these days. When you need inspiration, listen to Life 101.9.

Kimberly:  I support Life 101.9 because of the message, the songs, and the staff. For less than $1 a day, where else can you find music that promotes your values and help you cope with the ups and downs of life?!

Melissa:  The music and messages on Life 101.9 help me to keep my focus on those things that are most important: faith, family, and values.

Karen:  The music on Life 101.9 lifts me up, encourages me on difficult days, and helps me to praise God on the way to work and on the way home. Life 101.9 plays music that is a constant reminder of what a wonderful father God is all the time!

Kelly:  The music on Life 101.9 usually lifts my spirits, but this past month has been very difficult for me, and even the music isn’t helping much. Keep it coming though!

Machel:  I know you are taking calls this morning, but I am not in any condition to call.  I lost my sister on Sunday very unexpectedly and I turned to Life 101.9 for comfort.  I listen to you here in Minnesota every day and absolutely love the message and music.  It is so healing.  Thank you for being there for me every day to help guide me on my path to Jesus.

Something to think about!

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