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Life 101.9 is proud to sponsor the Black Hawk Children’s Theatre. Your family is invited to join the fun with four family-friendly shows.

Enjoy amazing performances from the Black Hawk Children’s Theatre with great shows this season.

Upcoming Black Hawk Children’s Theatre Shows:



d16c5159539d0664d7ee0cb3c7746b70_750x600 The Princess and The Pea – February 16-24

The traditional tale of the young Prince as he searches for the princess to be his bride. He sets off to find his princess only to return home dejected and alone. Then one night Olivia washes up on-shore and the Prince finds the girl of his dreams, funny, smart, and soaking wet. Will she pass the ultimate test of princess-ness?


d8e7b540b6786d48006daf59ecc2ab3d_750x600 Winnie The Pooh – April 13-21

Pooh Bear and his friends in the 100 Acre Woods are set for all sorts of adventures. While Winnie the Pooh would prefer to hum soothing songs and enjoy his honey, his friends get him into all sorts of dilemmas.


For more information on the Black Hawk Children’s Theatre click here.