“What stops you from knowing the truth is thinking that you already have the truth. You stop seeking the truth.”  This quote by radio consultant Alan Mason was made in the context of radio broadcasting, but as we consider our American culture these days, I think it has a broader application.

It was tempting just a few short years ago for white Americans to imagine that overt racism was a thing of the past.  Then, Apple put a video camera in everyone’s pocket, and we began to see for ourselves that racism is still very much a reality for many.

Another issue that we may have thought was behind us was sexual harassment and assault.  The intense focus in recent days on this issue has alerted all of us that this is a very critical issue that must not be ignored.

It’s been decades since abuse of the drug heroin was at epidemic levels.  Now we’re seeing on the news that places like Ohio, West Virginia, and several other states are once again dealing with a deadly opioid epidemic that is leading to many deaths and ruined lives.

Why have we not acted on these problems sooner?  Did we stop seeking the truth?  Did we ignore warning signs or evidence of these problems?  More importantly, what can we do now to help?  I think it’s clear that, if we thought we already had the answers, we need to be open to new information.  Is someone trying to get our attention, to make us focus on issues we’d rather not look at or think about?

It’s hard to admit we’ve been wrong or blind on certain issues, but it seems to me we need to swallow our pride and dig into these issues to help find solutions.  Some solutions may involve changes in personal behavior, others may involve legal changes at the state and national levels.  There are no easy answers for any of these issues.  But they all deserve the full attention of God’s people.

We take as our marching orders the words of Jesus:  “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  Love will allow us to see the true magnitude of these problems.  Love will keep us from hiding our heads in the sand and trying to wish these problems away.  Love will give us the courage to deal with these problems tenaciously until workable and just solutions emerge.

Here at Life 101.9, our focus is on sharing the unconditional love of God for everyone.  We hope that God’s love activates all of us to love one another in practical ways that lead to less suffering and more justice.  I hope we can all take a moment today to reflect on what God may be asking of us in recognizing and helping to solve these very real problems.

Yours in Christ,
Doug Smith
Station Manager

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