As Advancement Director, most of the questions I receive when visiting our listening friends revolve around finances. So when I hear the question, “How are you doing?” I know that, for me, this is usually a money question. If that question comes right after a share event, they may also ask, “So, how did your share event go?” Translated, that means, “Did you get enough calls?” and/or “Did you reach your goal?”

You may be wondering what success looks like for us during a share event. Actually, there are two ways that we measure our progress. Of course we have a monetary goal that we need to reach. This goal accounts for current operating expenses at the station plus the additional income for planned expenses that we know will come at some time in the future. Some might assume that if we reach our financial goal that this is all that matters.

However, for the long term health of this ministry, there is really another goal that we look at and this second goal is every bit as important as the first.

To have a successful share, we need to have an ever increasing percentage of listeners to become first time donors to this ministry. Statistically, only a small percentage of our total listening base ever give at all  so at each and every share event, we need to have new people take a step of faith and make a first time gift. Interestingly enough, the amount they give is not that important for first timers. It’s just important that they take the first step.

Listeners who respond for the very first time are acknowledging that God is doing something at Life 101.9 that is worth being a part of. Some may have listened for years and have never given before until this “first time moment.” Others could have discovered Life 101.9 just moments before making their first gift. The Holy Spirit prompts different people in different ways and at different times.

If you are inclined to pray for us during Winter Share, would you please pray that we can be successful in reaching the monetary goal that we set and also, pray that the Lord would move on the hearts of a record number of listeners to make their first gift to Life 101.9? Because we are celebrating changed lives, each and every gift is an eternal investment!

Thanks for praying for us and for being a part of what God is doing here at Life 101.9.

Enjoy the Season and remember that He’s The Reason.


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