As our listeners grow in their compassion by responding to the Matthew 25 command of Jesus, I find myself dreaming big of what might be possible as we put the needs of others ahead of our own.

You’re familiar of the Matthew 25 passage, aren’t you?

Check it out if you need a refresher.

One commentator writing about this oft neglected passage invites us to experience the compassion of Jesus that salvation brings…

“Apprehended and imprisoned by the enemies of the truth, ye whom the truth had made free sought Me out diligently and found Me; visiting Me in My lonely cell at the risk of your own lives, and cheering My solitude; ye gave Me a coat, for I shivered; and then I felt warm…and my spirit revived–“(Whatsoever you did to the least of my brothers) YOU DID UNTO ME!”

Apparently, our listeners felt this compassion as they responded in a big way to the needs of the homeless in our community. We asked them to make cash gifts to one of 14 area homeless shelters to provide a warm bed for a night for a homeless person. Each night costing $15, they sponsored 1,334 nights with their generous gifts totaling $20,014. PTL!

Depression and other forms of mental illness are not a joke. They are realities that debilitate thousands in our community. Many of these souls have no place to live, no place to go and no one to take them in.

Thanks to the faithful listeners who responded by providing a warm bed for a night to so many. May you be blessed to do more acts of random kindness in the days ahead. As Jesus said, “The poor you will always have with you.”

May we all be vigilant to respond to the commands of Jesus especially those concerning the poor. How can we possibly neglect our brothers and sisters in their time of need?

Something to think about.

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