“How can you just sit down with a person and ask for money?”  That was my question years ago for Jim, the leader of a youth ministry organization in my city, who had just been given a six-figure gift for a new building.  It seemed impossible to me, this idea of asking someone for money.  But Jim told me something I’ve always remembered.  He said, “It’s not difficult at all, because I’m not asking for myself.  I’m not even asking for my organization.  I’m asking for the kids.  People love to give to help kids.”  In other words, he was helping donors see who was actually benefiting from their donations.

Would you like to see who is benefitting from your gift card donation during the Great Gift Card Challenge?  Here’s a letter that just came in last week from Andrew:

“My daughter is currently at the Children’s Hospital in Iowa City recovering from open heart surgery at just three weeks old. My wife and I have had a roller coaster of a ride since May 11th. When we were scared or nervous, Life 101.9 provided the right song that God wanted us to hear in that moment. From last Thursday when we thought we would lose our little peanut to where we are now, we can’t thank your station enough for the encouragement that we needed, but especially me as I struggled with seeing my daughter go through what she has gone through in just her short time here so far. I thank God every day for her life and I just ask you guys keep us in your prayers as her recovery process is going to be a long one and thank you for the encouragement every day!”

When a family is so focused on the life of a precious child, things like money for food or gas seems to fade in importance.  Yet they’re a necessary part of staying by the side of a sick child.  You can help ease their burden just a bit when you get a gift card for a local restaurant or gas station or other local store where they can get necessary supplies.  Send your gift card(s) to us by June 18th, or bring it to one of our events over the next couple of weeks, and you will make a huge difference in a family’s life.

In the same way, your donation to Life 101.9 here in the closing month of our financial year will make a huge difference in the lives of many listeners all around eastern Iowa.  We’re close to reaching our annual goal, but as of right now, we’re still about $90,000 short.  A gift of any amount will keep the uplifting and life-changing ministry of Life 101.9 going strong.  Thank you so much!

Yours in Christ,
Doug Smith
Station Manager

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  • Leigh Bauder says:

    We have been faithful listeners for years and know how music can bring healing into our lives. It is a season in our family that we are leaning heavily on GOD to provide the right music and words to bring us comfort. Last week, Adam and your faithful listeners blessed my daughter and son-in-law with gift cards to help them through a very difficult journey they are on. Their lives were literally turn upside down when they learned that their precious daughter had significant heart issues and she has been at University of Iowa in the PCICU since her birth in May. I am confident that GOD will use our story as HIS story to show even when our hearts are shattered…HE can and will provide supernatural healing, restoration, grace, and mercy…so we can witness miracles and continue to proclaim HIS GOOD NEWS to the world. A shout out of THANKS to all our 101.9 family for sharing your blessings with my family, U of I staff for providing her excellent care, and prayer warriors (literally all over the world) for lifting my beautiful granddaughter up in prayer. Please dedicate a song that is helping me daily….”Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” by Danny Gokey to Nicole & Andy and to anyone else that needs the message of how much GOD truly loves us all!!!

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