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In a galaxy far, far away….

Kim & Adam on the Life 101.9 Morning Show interviewed the cast of Star Wars! Well, sort of…. Luke Skywalker joined us on the Morning Show. Darth Vader also visited the studio. Photo credit: Getty Images…


Have a deeper conversation after school

We’ve all asked it…. “How was your day today?”  And its almost always the same answer “Fine.”  This happens especially with kids coming home from school.  It is sometimes followed up with “What did you learn today?” And followed by “I don’t know.” or…


To the rescue

God has placed you where you are at this moment for a reason. Who can you show his love to today?


Unmerited grace

For as long as I can remember I’ve been aware of God’s grace. Did I scare you already?  Many of us find the word “grace” intimidating because we don’t understand it.  And honestly, we’ll never fully understand God’s grace.  But don’t let that stop you from trying. Grace: Free and unmerited favor of God. I think…


I just don’t get it

God has created each one of us perfectly with different interests, talents and abilities for one purpose: to bring honor and glory to Him.


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Family fun night

In the last days of winter, cabin fever is setting in around Eastern Iowa. A few new ideas for fun will make the rest of winter a little easier.



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