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Life 101.9’s Summer of Kindness

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What’s Your Kindness Story?

Welcome to Life 101.9’s Summer of Kindness! We’re hoping to spread God’s love by doing something nice for someone else. It’s simple, just do a good deed and post the details below. You can also encourage others to participate by posting your kind acts on social media with #life1019kindness.

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Kindness in a Parking Lot

On a bitter cold day last winter, I made a stop at a store before going to work. On my way in I noticed an elderly man pushing his cart out to his car which was parked in a handicap parking spot. The Lord tugged at my heart and led me over to him. I asked if I could help him load his car since it was so very cold, he graciously accepted my offer. While…

Flower delivery

At work we are getting a new computer system for our work flows creating some anxiety. There is a gift shop called Love & Lace just across the street. They sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers over “just because!” (they aren’t even aware of our change) Isn’t it amazing how God works!!…

A little summer fun

A little about me first, my name is Deanna. My life changed July 19th when the tornado ripped through my town, and my place of work…Lennox Industries. I was at work when the tornado destroyed Lennox, and for what seemed like a very long time while the tornado was ripping apart the building around me I prayed that everyone would…

Lost & Found

While driving through town last weekend (in a hurry as usual) and wondering why I kept hitting all the lights on red, I had a revelation that God’s timing is not my timing. As I turned onto 1st Ave and started to accelerate, something caught my eye laying in the road in the right lane, it looked like woman’s wallet. I was already…

Helped an older woman

I saw a older woman walking into hyvee in dubuque she had a piece of string hanging down from her shirt I asked her if I could kindly cut it off and she said thank you…

I was trying to be kind…

I stopped at a gas station along I-80 near my house. I had just drove by a cemetery, where there was a tent set up and paused to thank God that I was not going to a funeral that day. I got out to pump my gas. A few minutes later a woman got out of her car in a pretty dress. It was a Saturday, so I said something about how pretty she looked for a Saturday…

Pay it forward

The woman in the van ahead of me @ McDonalds this morning paid for my order.…

Transit riders

You have been talking about acts of “kindness” towards others, and to share what you do. I was riding on the transit up in the Twin Cities Monday evening and a lady riding near me almost passed out because it was so humid inside due to being packed like sardines in the transit after the Minnesota Twins Game. A man gave her…

Drive-thru Difference

Last night I went to Chick-fil-A to grab some dinner. I remembered the Summer of Kindness and decided to show kindness to the car behind me. I did the Drive-thru Difference and paid for my order and the car behind me’s order too. It not only made me feel great but I’m sure it made their day too!…

Coffee for Co-Worker

Went to see the break room this morning and grabbed a coffee for my coworker! #life1019kindness…

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