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Thank you!

From the “behind the scenes” department:  Our 2014-2015 fiscal year is over!  If you’ve heard my announcements on the air, you know that we reached our goal for listener donations, with a little extra to spare!   Thank you so much for your sacrificial giving to make this possible!  As we always say, it’s not a few people…


Broken places in our lives

As station manager, I read all of the letters and emails that come in from listening friends.  Most of time, they are stories about how God is bringing them encouragement and hope through the lyrics of our songs and words of our on-air hosts.  But sometimes listeners tell us about the broken places in their lives.  Over the past…


A new addition to the team

Good news!  We have a new employee joining us soon!  For a number of months, we’ve been trying to find the right person to join Bryon on the Morning Show, and we think we’ve found that person…her name is Jenn Pooler, and you’ll hear her on the air starting next month. She is currently working at a Christian radio station in…


From the Manager – January 2015

This month, I’d like to give you a “behind the scenes” update on Life 101.9.  If you were listening last month, you know that our annual Christmas Angels project was encouraging listeners to help someone in need here in eastern Iowa.  Our final numbers on Christmas Angels indicate that over 230 needs were met last month! …


From the Manager – August 2014

For the past 2 years, we had a great young Program Director (a position we’re now calling Content Director) here at Life 101.9…Rick Hall.  The work Content Directors do is largely behind the scenes…they select and schedule the music you hear, they create content for our website, they instruct and coach the on-air announcers…

Update on Kim

From the “behind the scenes” department:  Many have asked for an update on Kim Bindel’s health.  As you know, she barely got started as our new Morning Show co-host earlier this year when she was diagnosed with cancer.  Her doctors here referred her to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, and she has been commuting there for the…

The Weekend to Remember and a new tower

Just last Friday, I received a report of some of the decisions that were made at the “Weekend to Remember” marriage conference in Cedar Rapids last month.  Nearly 500 people attended, and here are a few of the comments people wrote after it was over: We were on the brink of giving up.  We’ve talked about divorce.  I had been…


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Humans are hardwired for awe, but sin distracts us from the glory of our Creator and often we end up worshipping everything but God.


Play ball…or something!

From the “behind the scenes” department:  We are remodeling!  If you’ve ever worked through a remodeling job at your work or home, you know what we’re going through.  Here at Life 101.9, we’re moving all of our computer automation equipment and servers into one room.  This requires us to knock down one wall, rebuild…



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