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Hope brings joy

Hope brings joy and joy makes all the difference. Whad’ya think? Is it true? Is it true, for you? I heard a preacher once say that in a believer’s life at any one time, we have to deal with “good and bad things” simultaneously. There are things that are easy to swallow. Good news from a relative, the anticipation…


Thanks for sharing

One of my favorite New Testament passages is Jesus’ encounter with that “wee little man” named Zacchaeus. In verse 8 of Luke 19 as Jesus is having dinner with Zacchaeus, he says “Behold, Lord, half of my possessions I will give to the poor, and if I have defrauded anyone of anything, I will give back …


Growing in Faith

Back to the basics

In a day and age where entertainment options are everywhere you look, I was challenged the other day by what our mission statement says, and what it doesn’t say. It reminded me of the importance of getting back to the basics as we prepare for Share. Check it out: Northwestern Media exists to lead people to Christ and nurture believers…


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The kindness of The King

As we celebrate kindness this month at Life 101.9, I am reminded of one supreme act of kindness shown by King David in the OT and how it relates to us today. David was no longer a shepherd boy. He had long since defeated Goliath and the entire Philistine army, gained immense favor with the children of Israel and was now reigning as the second…


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The benefit of saying ‘no’

Do you ever wish you could leave your frantic lifestyle behind, for a more soulful way of living? It starts by learning how to say the word ‘no.’



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