Grounded in Faith

The Power behind the purple sky

This picture of the Life 101.9 sign on Highway 218 next to our studios seems to be powered by the purple sky in the background. When I first saw the picture, it immediately rekindled a thought that I have had often in recent days. Truth be told, the picture captures my thoughts far better than my few words that follow can but here’s…


Hooray for the Haitian

Did you hear about the runner from Haiti who tripped and fell over the first hurdle in the 110 meter final? His momentum catapulted him into a full somersault after which he tumbled into the second hurdle before rolling underneath it (which automatically disqualified him not that it would have mattered.) The athlete was obviously…


Defined by your testimony

Christianity Today posted a great article about some of the American Olympians who are followers of Jesus Christ. You can read all about it here. I must admit nothing gets my attention like my brothers and sisters in Christ who are eager and willing to use their platform to give glory to God in their interviews. One particular interview…


Don’t sweat the small stuff

Hard to believe that a mosquito almost derailed the Olympics. The fear of being infected with the Zika virus has been a real concern. A big problem brought on by such a tiny insect. Kind of reminds me of the warnings in the Bible about other little things that have disastrous results. In the OT, we read: Catch all the foxes, those little…


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Surviving the Dog Days

Highlight: Trusting God with your fears When a child chooses the path of destruction or addiction, parents are left to face their worst fears of letting their child go. Dena Yohe describes her emotional journey of facing her fears as her daughter, Renee, was struggling with addiction and drifting away from her identity in…



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