Growing in Faith

Why pray?

When we pray we are discovering the heart of God, knowing Him, finding Him, and seeking Him - for He is our soul's desire.


From generation to generation

Rules were made to be broken! Or were they?… We grow up with this saying, thinking that rules are bad, guidelines are restrictive, and by following something like God, we are freaks who are weak. God’s disciplines are for our benefit and are meant to enrich our faith and grow as believers in our families and the church community.


God is good all the time

Do you ever wonder how any good can come out of some of the personal tragedy that we face or someone we know faces? Just recently, I heard of two stories that seem so wrong, so untimely and happened to such good people that they make no sense whatsoever. I don’t want the brevity of this post to come across as just a flippant answer…


Art in progress

God is creating with our lives a finished product that is better than anything we could craft or imagine ourselves.


The gift of time

Psalm 62:8: “O my people, trust in him at all times. Pour out your heart to him for God is our refuge.” In all our times… we should do this. It seems to be the cause and effect at work in our lives. At work, or with a project — is it only when we are handed a deadline that we do what we can do to meet it on time? In the line at Wal-Mart


When a scale becomes your idol

Another Miss USA has been crowned. YAY! I don’t know who won but I did hear about a little controversy at the pageant. Apparently Miss Indiana, who made it into the top twenty, was singled out as being NORMAL sized. One tweet called her a “thicker” contestant and then I read the small print she was considered normal…



Tragedy in Seattle: Our response

It’s been 24 hours since the tragedy on campus at Seattle Pacific University. As a former student, the news of this story took my breath away. “Again?” I thought. “Not my school.” I told myself. Being 1,700 miles away, it may be easy for us here in Iowa to shift from sadness and shock back to everyday…


Talk about practice!

How do you do live a life that really matters? How can our faith outlive our physical years? I can relate this to my actions to maintain a weight loss of 132 lbs. Now that I have succeeded at my goal, I want to maintain my goal weight. So how do I do that? I continue to make healthy lifestyle choices regarding food and exercise. Now that I know…


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