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“Risen” poses an interesting dilemma

If you go see the movie “Risen” when it debuts in a few weeks, you may have some of the same thoughts that I’ve had recently. Believing that Jesus was the Son of God and Savior of the World was costly in more ways than one for the believer in the first century. “Risen” is a movie about a Roman guard who’s…



A Mission and a Movie

A Mission and a Movie will be will be your opportunity to see the world premiere of the critically acclaimed movie “Risen” – a story about a Roman military tribune who has to reconcile his loyalty to Rome with compelling evidence suggesting that Jesus had risen from the dead. We’ll even provide you with complimentary passes,…


Listening and evangelism

So when it comes to sharing our faith, where do we start? Sin? Jesus? Resurrection? What about love? Everyone wants a bit of love, don’t they?


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Surviving the Dog Days

“As believers, we need to realize that the atheist – behind all of the alleged intellectualism, swagger, and bluster – are people that feel, and people that are often hurting.” Christians often look down on atheists and judge them for pushing back so intensely against the thought of God. However, we often underestimate…



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