Starting in Faith

Uplifting reasons

Every time we hear about life change, we celebrate another reminder of why we do, what we do. Enjoy Paula:  Every day there seem to be little things that get you down and sometimes they seem huge.  When I listen to Life 101.9 it always seems God plays the right song I need to hear, even if it’s convicting.   I always feel His…


A divine appointment

I think my favorite Life 101.9 stories are the ones where it seems that we have entered the life of a person at just the right time. When a divine appointment is orchestrated by our loving heavenly Father and comes to be when it’s most needed, it just hits the spot like a cool breathe of fresh air. Enjoy! Holly:  2016 was a terrible…


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The power of positivity

No one wants an unhappy marriage. Yet many of us find ourselves struggling in our relationship with our spouse. Find out how to become a happy couple.


The land of the free

Do you ever wonder if God is there for you? Author Beth Guckenberger says we often get so caught up in our circumstances that we forget who is really in control. She says we also forget that God is waiting for us to invite Him into our lives every day. “There’s this passage in Exodus 25 where God is talking to Moses about building the…



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