Starting in Faith

Uplifting reasons

Every time we hear about life change, we celebrate another reminder of why we do, what we do. Enjoy Paula:  Every day there seem to be little things that get you down and sometimes they seem huge.  When I listen to Life 101.9 it always seems God plays the right song I need to hear, even if it’s convicting.   I always feel His…


A divine appointment

I think my favorite Life 101.9 stories are the ones where it seems that we have entered the life of a person at just the right time. When a divine appointment is orchestrated by our loving heavenly Father and comes to be when it’s most needed, it just hits the spot like a cool breathe of fresh air. Enjoy! Holly:  2016 was a terrible…


Hearing God

How can you learn to hear the voice of God in the way He is speaking?


Love your story!

No matter where your story is at right now - even if you don't like the particular chapter you're living at the moment - trust Him.


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