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A night to remember

Traditionally, recording artists have made their money by creating music that falls within acceptable parameters of beat, melody and harmony with sufficiently broad appeal such that it catches the attention of the radio industry. Radio, taking a risk, plays such music believing it will gain traction with listeners. If radio…


Thoughts from the waiting room

I don’t like the thought of having to go through surgery. Never have. I am grateful that I have been blessed with good health so the prospect of having to go through multiple surgeries haven’t been an issue. But there’s always that fear that I might get sick. Then there’s the anxiety of anticipation. (Just…


Surviving the Dog Days

I learned something today. The term “Dog Days of Summer” has it’s origins in ancient Greek mythology. Check it out. For me, and most Americans I would assume, we have made the term synonymous with the hottest days of summer. I tend to get lazy during this season. Somehow getting out of my car and into the outdoor…


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The goodness of God

Is your child consistently making life choices that do them more harm than good? Chances are, if this is true, your child is a prodigal. Lori Wildenberg is familiar with what it’s like to be the parent of a prodigal. She shares three keys to walking alongside your prodigal. The first key is to invest time in prayer.… “Sometimes



Do I have to earn God’s love?

To some degree, everybody grows up in a world where love is conditional. I think we have a hard time not projecting that onto God as if He can’t be any different.



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