Dave Ramsey’s 7 "Baby Steps"

Chances are you’ve heard about a guy by the name of Dave Ramsey.  He is a best-selling author of books like Financial Peace and Total Money Makeover, which were the inspiration behind our financial success. Dave Ramsey developed what he calls the “Baby-Steps”.  The premise behind the “Baby-Steps” is that…


Don’t be nonchalant about insurance

Insurance.  It’s another boring topic within the financial world.  There’s nothing real exciting about it.  Which is the reason it’s easy to not pay attention to it….out of sight, out of mind.  Do you have any idea how much insurance you have on your home or car? Here’s what typically happens.  …


Highway to the "danger zone"

I can’t help but to think of the Kenny Loggins song “Danger Zone” when discussing this topic.  But when it comes to your finances, what’s your danger zone?  Ya know, the area in your life, which little by little, hurts you over time. For some, this means the daily trip to Starbucks.  An occasional $5 coffee…


Planning for retirement

At Covenant Trust Company, we understand the importance of saving and investing for retirement. But we also understand that thinking about retirement can raise a lot of questions. So here are answers to a few basic retirement planning questions that you may have, or perhaps, questions you haven’t even thought of asking.  …


Will and estate planning

Estate planning may not come to mind when you think about money, but a Will should be part of your financial plan. In a way, a Will lets you manage your money and assets after you pass; it’s a way to take care of your family and friends even after your death. In addition to facilitating the distribution of assets, a Will can also determine…



How not to prosper – Be “a little guy”

“I’m just the little guy.  I’ll never get ahead.”  That is total garbage.  It’s loser-talk and the epiphany of having a victim mentality.  You’ll never prosper with this attitude.  God doesn’t view you as “little”, so why should you? Another line I hear often is “it takes money to make money.”  Again,…


How NOT to prosper – Blame

We’ve been talking about attitudes that will prevent you from prospering.  One of which is despising rich people.  And Last week we discussed, the reason it’s bad to consider yourself a “the little guy”. This week, we’re talking about blame.  Blame is an easy way to pass the buck for our own problems.  People always…


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