Tim Calcara


The forgotten holiday

According to leading retailers, Thanksgiving has relatively limited retail value so as you would expect, it gets relatively little “shelf space” in stores. Halloween is a biggie though. And tho’ not technically a holiday, people are sure willing to spend the money on it. Apparently there’s not much…


It’s not about you

It tastes like maple and comes from the fruit of the coffee cherry. It’s the newest flavor at Starbuck’s. But it’s not about me. I glanced at the sign and my first thought was that they had finally made me my own personalized drink but then I realized that the sign says “Cascara” not “Calcara.”…


Lean into Jesus

A renowned group of mental illness professionals predict that depression will be the number one sickness in the world by 2020. Let that soak in for a moment. Even this notion, if even close to the truth, is…well…depressing. But I can understand the prediction. There are so many stress points raising our corporate blood…


Bragging rights

This time last year, Cubs fans everywhere were desperate for bragging rights. The right to say, “my team is no longer a bunch of ‘lovable losers.’ We got game! We won the World Series!” And of course they got those rights because their Cubbies became the 2016 World Series Champs. People love to brag about…


When love broke through

A storm was brewing inside of me, and I could feel it. It was time to make some changes in my life though I wasn’t sure what or how. It was a few months before my nineteenth birthday. My parents had taken me to church for as long as I could remember so the story of Jesus was familiar to me. From a very young age, the need to be forgiven of…


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