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Tim Calcara


Thanks a million

When I was a kid, quite often my aunt would express her thanks to a friend with the phrase, “Thanks a million!” I wondered if she really meant that? Giving thanks a million times is a lot! Is she really going to take the time to thank her friend  that many times? Surely not! But how about 50,000 times? Our church is going to…


Thankful for your service

As an exercise on being thankful, a speaker recently challenged us to take our age and come up with a list of things that we’re thankful equal to how many years old we are. I wondered if I could come up with 65 things. I did. In fact, it took far less time than I thought it would, and as I suspected, just thinking about some of these things,…


Needed: More world changers

Dr. Alan Cureton, president of Northwestern University is a mentor and friend to us all at Northwestern Media. He sent an email out today re: the senseless acts of violence we’ve been witnessing including the most recent killings at Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburg.  I hope you will take time to read it and pray for those…


The world serious

As I watch the World Series, I think about how we Americans use sports as an escape to help take the sting out of the tougher things that we have to go through. I do it. So does most everyone I know. Occasionally, ESPN will do a human interest story about a young person battling a terminal illness who is found rooting for his favorite team…


Readers are leaders

I participated in the Read Across America at Linn Grove Elementary for the fourth straight year. It’s a simple idea where members of the community take fifteen minutes and read aloud to students. I love it! It’s been often said that “readers are leaders” but you may be asking, how do children become readers? …


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