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Cool stories

No better way to “beat the heat” than with these cool stories. Enjoy! Linda:  Driving home after work, I was sad & talking to Jesus about a decision that I needed to make. This was the hardest thing I had ever had to do. Sure enough, my favorite song came on the radio. As I was singing along with the lyrics, the only thing…


Be kind…rewind

Remember the old movie rental VHS tapes? Somewhere on the tape cassette was a sticker that said, “Be kind. Rewind.” I guess it was the movie renters attempt to motivate the rentee to return it ready to be played by the next customer. But hold on a minute. There are lots of ways to show kindness. And most of them don’t…


Freedom isn’t free

If you’re my age or close, you may remember that old patriotic song from grade school. The chorus goes like this: “Freedom isn’t free! Freedom isn’t free! You gotta pay the price, you gotta sacrifice for your liberty!” Throughout history, our country has learned this lesson the hard way time…



Thank you

It’s probably not the “greatest song of all time”, but this month especially, I can’t stop thinking about the song “Thank you” by Ray Boltz. Reminded that heaven is a home for faithful servants who have invested in people like me because of their love for our Lord, the song literally brings…


Vacation has a lot to offer your family

I love this picture. It was taken on our family vacation that ended just a few days ago. In this picture, one of my sons is out in front of me as we explore a cave together. He’s leading the way. He’s telling me what he sees. If you look very closely at our silouettes, you can learn a lot from our body language. I watch him plow…


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The truth about sin

The Gospel truth in Romans 5 is not just the bad news of sin in the world, but this incredible statement for us: Christ overcame Adam's sin legacy through His obedience.



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