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Road trip fun

If you have kids, keeping everyone occupied during a long day of travel can be a challenge.


Just one word

Have you ever wanted to journal?  Write out prayers and thoughts?  But just struggle with being consistent or finding the time.  I know the last thing we all need in our busy world is one more thing to do.  But if you’re like me, you want to journal but always struggle. Recently a friend gave me a new journal and said to just…


A prayer for parents in May

With the school year winding down, there’s so much to do and the kids all seem to have crazy amounts of energy. May is hard! Here’s a fun prayer for you this month that may help you survive until summer: Dear Lord Deliver us from halfhearted lunch-packing and complete lack of backpack checking. Please see us through the…


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Hard Tomes

My husband has not worked in over a year now. He has had 3 back surgeries and came out of the 2nd one worse then when he went in. We are waiting for...

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My husband has been without a job since February. He has had six very promising job interviews where he has been 1 of the 3 top candidates, and every door has...

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Money Stress

I am asking for prayer and guidance through some finically stressful times. My wife and I both work but I am self employed have some bills due now and income...

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requesting prayer

My youth group leader, Steve, was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in the stomach and has completely moved into the bones. It is a certain type off cancer that...

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