1. A Beautiful Life 4:20
  2. Love Won't Quit On Us 3:28
  3. Save Me Now 3:25
  4. Someone Worth Dying For 4:09
  5. You Loved Me First 3:21
  6. The More 3:24
  7. All For You 3:40
  8. Ignite 3:41
  9. Pieces 3:16
  10. Come Alive 3:46
  11. Gonna See Your Kingdom 3:43

All For You


One story about "All For You"

  • Becky says:

    At a time, when I needed it most; 101.9, came, acidentally, into my life. I was scanning radio channels and it hit on Life 101.9. “All For You” was one of the first songs that played. The words were so uplifting, and conveyed a powerful message of faith. The rhythym and beat were unlike almost everything I’d heard associated with religion (had an Enya CD I’d found). Not at all, like the hymns we use to sing in church on Sunday! I was hooked!! When I watched the video, “All or You”, I could see the faith beaming from these guys; and that brought into the light, my faith. Life had gotten so busy and complicated that finding time to nourish my body had became a chore; and, I’d stopped taking time to nourish my soul. My music stations, on the go, or at home, are now all set to 101.9. I found a church thats layed back, and sings the songs I hear on 101.9 during service. Thanks to Life 101.9 and the enthusiasm of Mike’s Chair-I refound the truth and comfort, amid the chaos and uncertainty.

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