1. Love Is Here 4:01
  2. Lift Us Up To Fall 3:40
  3. By Your Side 4:00
  4. Let It Go 3:16
  5. Break Me Down 3:22
  6. Hold My Heart 3:57
  7. Times 4:16
  8. Beloved 4:28
  9. You Are 3:49
  10. Satisfy 3:50
  11. Hallelujah 5:17

By Your Side

Tenth Avenue North

One story about "By Your Side"

  • Haley Graham says:

    I was driving around one night. I drive around when I need to think. It was really late and I was alone. The one person I tell everything to, my sister, had just left for Basic Training, and I just didn’t have anyone else I trusted enough to talk to. I’m not really an emotional person, I don’t cry, and I never feel like life can get bad enough to.. All that ooey gooey stuff, not me. Anyway, I’ve been a Christian for as long as I can remember, since I was born pretty much, Ha! But even with that, I felt far away from God. I graduated high school a year ago (18 years old), and God knows that was a struggle. I’ve never strayed so far and sinned so much in my life. The night I was driving around, I was thinking about how much I’ve sinned, how ashamed I was… And the sad thing was, I just kept wanting to. Not exactly wanting to, but feeling I needed to, to be happy with myself. I turned on 101.9 and bam! This song was playing. I felt overwhelmed like God was saying these things to me through the song. HE will be by my side. HE will love me when no one else wants to. Whenever I’m down, alone, angry, sad, HE will be there even when I feel no one is. I burst into tears and just cried it out. It was much needed. After this night, I vowed to change myself, and I have never been more happy than I am today. Of course I still struggle occasionally, but I know His love is far more powerful than any drink, any drug, any compliment. I know that I don’t need to impress anyone, because He already loves me more than anyone else ever will. I know that He will always be there, I don’t have to look for anyone or anything else to take my pain away. He saved me, and He’s here to stay.

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