1. Radio Ghost Town 3:44
  2. Homeless Child 3:44
  3. Learning To Be The Light 3:54
  4. 5, 6, 7, 8 3:26
  5. Old Time Religion 3:13
  6. Today 3:10
  7. Sweet Grace 2:52
  8. Selah 2:49
  9. Son of Man 3:05
  10. Southern Cross 3:34
  11. Shake Holy Spirit 4:24

Learning To Be The Light


2 stories about "Learning To Be The Light"

  • Hannah Blad says:

    I go to New Life church and there is a activity in our church that is called “Mission to the city” and it is where our church gets together and helps people with their garden our any problems, mainly outside. It is a opportunity to serve others and serve Christ. and I just really like it. And I like that I get to serve with my friends and I just really feel like I am blessed to be involved with Mission to the city. The man who made a video for Mission to the city used This song “Learning to be the Light” as the theme song for Mission to the city for the year 2011. And whenever it plays on this station it really moves me.

  • Tina Taylor says:

    This song has me in tears of joy everytime I hear it, I am new in my relationship with God and it is like that song was written for me! This was the first Christian song that I liked, now I am open to so much more. Thank you Newworldson!
    Tina Taylor

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