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Do or done

Jesus has done the heavy lifting by paying in full, our debt to God for all the wrong we’ve ever done. All we need to do is place our trust in his death on the cross to pay our penalty and in his resurrection confirming that he conquered death, and as his children, so will we. C’mon now. I see that smile on your face. You know it’s…


A Christmas witness

The following story is true and just came to me from one of my dear brothers in Christ. It’s truly a solemn reminder of the importance of being willing at all times to share our faith, regardless of the outcome. My friend writes this: “What I am about to write is a shortened dialogue that I had the pleasure to be a witness to.…


Just as you are

It happened nearly five years ago. I had been divorced for five years, wayward, empty and had made too many bad decisions. No drugs, no alcohol, I was a sinner and made bad decisions. I was not angry, oh no, my Lord had been so good to me. I just wasn’t available to Him. But over time He drew my heart to Him. He used people to mentor me and…


Rising negative tide towards Christians

As a kid back in the 60’s, my Sunday school teacher Earl Palmquist said to something to me that I’ve never forgotten. It’s a long time ago, but I have a vivid memory of that morning in the basement, by the kitchen at Brooklyn Center Baptist Church.  Mr. Palmquist told our class, there will come a day, perhaps…


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The goodness of God

As questions about sexuality, gender identity, and morality continue to surface, the culture is becoming increasingly confused. How can Christians offer clarity and truth to a rapidly changing world that seems to shun both? Apologist Abdu Murray speaks to the ever-changing culture we live in, and explains how Christians should…



Do I have to earn God’s love?

To some degree, everybody grows up in a world where love is conditional. I think we have a hard time not projecting that onto God as if He can’t be any different.



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