The secret to losing 130 lbs.

I would love to share with you the secret of losing weight. I really would. I wish it were that easy…. The secret to this losing weight battle is that there is no secret, just a willingness and a legit motive to become a better version of myself for God. I really don’t even enter the equation here except for having an obedient…


The value of words, what to do with a million a year?

The choice of words make a huge difference. What we say to our kids, our spouse, our boss, our friends and standing in line, the words we use are so powerful. Sometimes we say words that shouldn’t be said. Sometimes we omit words that need to be said. In James 3, we find that words can change the course of life. no man can tame the tongue,…


The secret to life

Life is wearing and makes us weary. Each part of it with work, home, family, church…you name it. It wears us out. I think I have found the secret. Why do we tend to wear the burdens that are supposed to be God’s, those that Scripture refers to as “light and easy”? The secret is that we want to accomplish life’s…


When disappointing becomes destructive

I always tell my coaching clients, no one gets all 52 cards in a deck. What I mean by that is there is no “perfect” man or spouse. You might marry a man that is naturally handy around the house and can fix anything that’s broken, but he won’t read a book or have a deep discussion with you. Other woman marry men who are capable of wonderfully…


How do I honor a dishonorable father?

Father’s Day has passed and many of you had wonderful barbeques or breakfasts celebrating your dads. Others are feeling sad, disappointed and flooded with memories of an awful childhood. You may have been abandoned, sexually abused, emotionally battered or treated with indifference or cruelty. How do we honor this kind of…


Faith means trusting forward

Faith means trusting forward what will only make sense in reverse. “Perfect faith is the faith that moves us to trust God even when it seems as though God isn’t moving.” ~ Andy Stanley My mind fills with an awkward silent sighs and I wonder. In those quiet moments, I have some worrisome thoughts. My heart just wants…


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