You vs. time

I don't know about you, but I feel like time and I just don't quite jive most of the time.


Don’t wish it away

I didn't realize the gift of life that God was offering me today. Don't be guilty of wishing away the mess, noise and craziness of life-soak it up instead!


Can you slow down?

I’m in my late 40s, life expectancy is shy of 80 for males. Ask those in my life, I can feel the pressure to pack my life full of activity and maximize my time by doing all I can. In school, we’re encouraged to join as many clubs as possible to make the most of our educational experience. At work, it’s expected that we’ll be unreal…


Parents: what’s your goal?

The question, “What’s your goal?” was repeated many times in our household.  We asked our kids that question and we also asked each other.  “My math teacher is a perfectionist and she makes me crazy.  Why do I have to put the decimal point right on the line?” “What’s your goal?” “To learn this math stuff and…

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Surviving the Dog Days

Have you noticed how some people are able to enjoy life even when they are in tough situations?  I admire those kind of people in my life so much that I informally started asking them about how they do that.  Many were unaware they were doing anything different, but once they started talking about it, three things rose to the surface.…



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