Name your pain

Often times, during my initial evaluation of a patient, I will begin a series of questions regarding their pain’s quantity and quality that leaves my examination room filled with the sound of crickets—if you would—utter silence, much confusion, followed by prolonged contemplation. It’s as if my patient has shown up…


Christmas in Heaven

Christmastime is filled with love and light and laughter. You hear the familiar carols and they sing of unspeakable joy…but you may not feel that this year. You’re not alone, so many have lost loved ones recently and going through the Christmas season without them seems unbearable and unthinkable. I’ve been…


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The power of positivity

No one wants an unhappy marriage. Yet many of us find ourselves struggling in our relationship with our spouse. Find out how to become a happy couple.


The land of the free

“No problem is so big or complicated that it cannot be run away from.” – Linus from The Peanuts What do you do when you encounter pain? Do you imitate Linus and run away as fast as you can? Do you turn towards the pain? Sheridan Voysey says that turning to face our pain is the only way to conquer it. Often when we encounter pain or …



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