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Our mission guides everything we do at Life 101.9.  It has been, and will continue to be, to lead people to Christ and to nurture believers in their spiritual growth.  This has been a consistent desire since our founding in 1953, and it continues to drive programming content and promotional initiatives. Music may change, programming elements may change from time to time, but our mission remains the same.

It is our desire that every person in eastern Iowa experience the love of Christ.  We are working hard to encourage those who listen to show the love of Christ to someone who may not. Some of the ways we’re encouraging this are the Drive-thru-Difference or the PrayerWorks page on our website.

The Drive Thru Difference works like this:  we ask our listeners to download a note from our website.  When they go through a drive-thru, they ask the clerk how much the order is in the car behind, and pay for it.  They hand the note to the clerk to give to the person in the car behind when they pull up and learn they don’t have to pay.  What we’ve discovered is that when people learn their order has been paid for, they will sometimes pay for the order behind them, and this chain might continue for who knows how long.  It’s a “random acts of kindness” opportunity, and it can make a big impact on someone’s life.

The PrayerWorks page is more than just a place to post a prayer request.  As each request is posted, there is a button that can be clicked that sends a message to the person who made the request that tells them someone prayed for them.  This can be a big encouragement for people going through tough times to know that others are praying for them.

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