An Eastern Iowa Veteran on the Honor Flight

An Eastern Iowa Veteran on the Honor Flight

It’s midnight at the Eastern Iowa Airport.  On a normal evening the hustle and bustle of a busy day would be reduced to airport staff working the evening shift.  But such was not the case as plane full of our local heros returned from a very special flight.  Hundreds of local citizens, airport staff, even police officers lined the terminals to express their appreciation…. a welcome home these soldiers never received.

On Tuesday, April 26th, 80 World War II veterans from Eastern Iowa took on what’s known as an Honor Flight.

With us to talk about this special journey is one who was on the plane with our local heros that day, Michael Potter.

Eastern Iowa Veterans Take an Honor Flight


There are over 5,000 World War II veterans in Eastern Iowa.  Do you know one of them?  Tell them about the Honor Flight!  For more information visit the Eastern Iowa Honor Flight website or call 319-373-5138.

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