TV 9 Meteorologist Justin Gerhts joined us on the Life 101.9 morning show to talk about the latest information available and to share some tips to help keep us safe during severe weather.


1)      There’s an experiment in parts of Kansas and Missouri that will include some new wording in tornado warnings. It’s meant to be more “impact” based, because one tornado warning isn’t necessarily the same as another tornado warning. It’s not being done in Iowa yet, but if it goes well, it will be.

2)      When a watch is issued, it’s time to start watching the weather a little more closely; severe storms could develop or move in. When you’re in a warning, it’s time to take action – severe weather is happening now or could be very soon.

3)      It’s important to have several ways to get weather information. A weather radio and/or a phone calling service (like WeatherCall) are great because they let you know something is happening, day or night. Sources like TV9 and are helpful for getting more information. (More about WeatherCall:

4)     Take time to talk with your children about tornado safety.  Allow them to participate in the conversation by inviting them to help select the safe place in your home.  Ask them to find the lowest level interior room, away from windows, and allows them a place to crouch down in a safe place.

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