1. The first concern in pop and juices is the amount of sugar in them.  We become habituated to sweet things. If we drink it regularly, our bodies will crave it more regularly. Obviously, sugary drinks add considerable calories to our diets and constitute as “empty calories” to many health officials.
  2. Read the labels before you drink. 100% all natural juice is not bad. Read the ingredient list to see what else is added into the juice. Make sure there isn’t any other added sugar ingredients.  A good, natural and healthy juice brand is naked.  The sugar that is in these juices is the sugar coming naturally from the fruit inside.
  3. Pop is a completely different story.  Pop contains a high amount of phosphorous which leaches calcium from your bones and leaves you dehydrated. Diet soda isn’t any better.  Studies show that “One liter of an aspartame-sweetened beverage can produce about fifty-six milligrams of methanol. When several of these beverages are consumed in a short period of time (one day, perhaps), as much as two hundred fifty milligrams of methanol are dumped into the bloodstream, or thirty-two times the EPA limit.( Carol Simontacchi from her book The Crazy)” So, you’re poisoning your body, too.
  4. Our bodies are made of 70% water; lose weight faster by hydrating yourself with pure water.  Your body will run more efficiently and you will better!
  5. What should you drink?  Here are some good options:


Iced tea   (research shows it may fight cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and other ailments, especially green tea).

Tomato juice or V-8 (contains among other compounds lycopene, a potent cancer-fighting agent).

Orange juice

Apple juice or cider

Grape juice (recent news are that its antioxidants combat ill effects of second hand smoke and air pollution).

Other pure fruit juices

Chocolate milk.

Fruit slushies made with fresh or frozen real fruit, sugar if required, and water, milk or yogurt.  Add a little                         fruit flavoring if you like, or try cinnamon.

Herbal teas, hot or cold, with honey or a little sugar if you need it sweeter.

Spiced or flavored teas

For sodas, try ginger ale in small quantities, which at least has real ginger in it.

Health and Fitness Contributor Brittney Kurth

Health and Fitness Contributor Brittney Kurth

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