Katie Sandquist, House of Hope in Cedar Rapids

Katie Sandquist, House of Hope in Cedar Rapids

Katie from House of Hope hung out with us on the show today and talked about her struggle to live and rest in the promises of God.  

She shares…

“…I feel like I have been constantly invited, often challenged, to believe and live in the promises of God. To let Him be my place of belonging and to let Him define my value. To live from Him rather than striving to do things for Him.


His promises seem so many, so rich! I marvel at them. When I delight myself in Him, He promises to give me the desires of my heart (Psalm 37). When I abide in Him, He says my life will naturally bear much fruit (John 15). He invites me to come to Him, learn from Him and take His yoke (which He promises is easy and light!), and He will give me rest (Matthew 11). He says I have actually died with Him- my sins completely atoned for- and now I no longer live but He actually lives in and through me (Galatians 2).


I have known these promises for many years. I have read them many times. Yet, for so much of my life and at times even still, I find my heart disconnected from their reality. ”  READ MORE




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