We’ve been talking about attitudes that will prevent you from prospering.  One of which is despising rich people.  And Last week we discussed, the reason it’s bad to consider yourself a “the little guy”.

This week, we’re talking about blame.  Blame is an easy way to pass the buck for our own problems.  People always want to blame their boss for their lack of prospering.  Well, if you don’t like your boss, whose fault is that?  No one is making you go to work everyday.  If you don’t whom you are working for…. quit!

The economy gets lots of blame.  Granted, some businesses and industries are affected more by the ebb and flow of the economy.  But, we can’t keep living in the past…the good ole days.  Be innovative.  Find new ways to thrive in tough times.

If you’re not prospering to the extent you wish, don’t blame.  Always ask yourself  “what role am I playing”.

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