I’ve lived a good chunk of my 51-years learning some very difficult lessons.  I might add, with gratefulness to God, some very valuable lessons.  While we all face lessons to be learned, most come out of choices made, good or bad.  I’ve made some choices out of fear, rebellion and unforgiveness.  I’ve also made choices based on a degree of personal narcissism, that I’ve been told by professionals, I possess.  Most guys carry a degree of narcissism, whether they want to admit it or not.  Through many of my choices, the end game, in many cases was about me.  I therefore caused much undo suffering by my own hand. While God and counseling have allowed much improvement, I’m still a work in progress.  Many times I ignored the voice of others in my life, and yes, even the voice of God.  Even when making poor, alright horrible choices, I still touted a belief in God.  God doesn’t agree with the practice of such mockery, especially on His behalf, (Galatians 6:7).  I could’ve avoided a lot of personal trouble & loss just by listening to and obeying God’s voice.  Allow me to relate a real life example of listening to God’s voice. While what happened to me and my boys in this story was not by choice, it is a vivid example of listening to God’s voice.  My, your life can be compared to car wreck, or not, based on the choices we make.

Just after the New Year, I was on the road with my boys heading for South Dakota.  I would normally pray for a safe trip, and I initially made a conscious decision not to do so.  After stopping for coffee, it was impressed upon me, thank you Jesus, to pray for our trip.  Five minutes down the road, a deer jumped out in front of my vehicle, and the above picture is the result.  After impact, I was convinced my car would roll, to the point I told my boys to hang on.  However, without any help from me, my car came to a gentle stop, for which I proclaimed, THANK YOU JESUS, and told Sam & Jordan, Jesus just saved our lives.  You may ask, why didn’t He prevent the accident, to which I respond, I don’t know, but I know for certain, our prayers for a safe trip were answered.  Though my car was totalled, my boys & I walked away from that crash unscathed. Based on this and other circumstances, I truly believe in taking time to hear God’s voice, (John 10:3-4), and in turn, respond properly.

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