Several years ago, I read about a church congregation in Seoul,  South Korea that at that time had over one million members.  The article I read said that the pastor that founded the church was asked what was the secret to the incredible numerical growth that they’d experienced.

He responded by touting a simple yet profound phrase.  “We grow because  we have learned to simply pray and obey.”  Hmmm.

Apparently, this group was taught to pray all the time, about all kinds of things.  Large things, small things.  Important things.  Trivial things.  It didn’t matter.  Apparently Paul’s admonition to “Pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17) was being taken seriously. And then having prayed and having heard answers from heaven, they had learned to follow the Good Shepherd.  They didn’t let circumstance dictate their actions.

They didn’t make excuses for challenges they face, but they did make an impact in that corner of the world and I’ve been told that they still are!

Good advice, don’t you think?  Maybe we could learn something from this story.

Let’s call it Seoul Food for our miracle-starved souls!

On May 19th, Life 101.9 is participating in a Linn County wide effort at Veteran’s Memorial Stadium called Faith Day to Fight Hunger.  This family friendly event starts at 12:30 with a pre-game concert from our band – Airwaves.  There will be Christian testimonies from Kernels players then it’s baseball at 2:05 pm as the Kernels take on Kane County.

Immediately following the game, MIKESCHAIR will close out the evening with praise and worship.  Tickets are $10 and all net proceeds go to fight the growing hunger problem in Eastern Iowa.

I’m asking all Life 101.9 listeners and friends  to follow the lead of the largest church assembly in the world.

Simply pray about coming to join us.  If He says “yes”, then pray about making a generous gift to the HACAP Food Reservoir that day.  If He says “yes” then ask Him how much.  When He tells you,  be obedient.

Let’s all pray for the miracle of providing for those who may also be praying…for their next meal.

No telling what miracle may follow if we’ll just pray and obey!

Something to think about!

(Photo courtesy of Smulan77)

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